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What You Need to Know about Cheatsheets Empire… the Inside Story!

First I’ll Give You the Walkthrough of Cheatsheet Empire

Then I’ll go into my story on how I found out about it…

I collect software and information products for the making money online niche. Some of this stuff I purchase to evaluate myself and the rest is review copies that I get from the product creators for free. I’m also on a lot of email lists of affiliates who promote these products.

I Find Out What’s Hot, What’s Not, What’s Rubbish!

Today’s post is about Cheat Sheets and it was inspired by an email that I received from an affiliate marketer promoting a training course for making them called CHEATSHEET EMPIRE.  Now I love and I’ve seen used heavily online as lead generators.

I haven’t had any interest in these things myself though previous to this because they looked like such a hassle to make plus there just hasn’t been any decent training available for creating them.

Anyway, the guy in the email referred to a Ryan Deiss comment that his company’s (Digital Marketer) highest converting lead magnets were actually cheat sheets. They created simple little 1 or 2 page documents that people could read quick and get valuable information from.

I remembered that Deiss quote, I know how useful cheat sheets are,  so I was hooked. He said there was a guy Alessandro Zamboni who made an easy thousand bucks using one simple cheatsheet that sold over 300 copies. 

That was a Jaw Drop moment for me

Anybody who can show you he sold 300 copies of a simple cheat sheet that he built himself and put a thousand bucks in the bank is somebody I want to know so I bought the product.

The review video will show you what’s inside this product but I’m telling you Alessandro put together a really nice 46 page PDF manual showing you how to do exactly what he did with examples.

He shows you how to create cheatsheets, where to find the information for them, how to create a SUPER SIMPLE sales page…

He shows that these things only take about 30 minutes to create and that every one of them can put money in your bank account and build an email list for you.

I am going to use Alessandro’s Cheatsheet Empire myself in my dashboard software business and I see no reason why you or anybody else couldn’t put one of these things out in a day and literally build yourself…well like Alessandro calls it…an empire.

So be sure to watch my walkthrough video and check this out.  It’s totally different, really outside of the box thinking, a proven thing, and it requires very little time to give you a return on your investment.

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