Sunday Cash

Unexpected Sunday CASH is ALWAYS Welcome Especially When it Happens this OFTEN

I picked up some good folding cash again today getting rid of something that I don’t need anymore for ZERO fees and NO SHIPPING hassles either… through my LeapFrog system.

The best part of this story is I agreed to let a guy buy this lens for $100 before Christmas and when he didn’t show I took it off the market.

I just re-posted it a couple days ago at a HIGHER PRICE and the second time at a higher price was the charm.

What’s also funny about this deal is both buyers were from Victoria which is our Capitol and about a three hour drive from here.

I love the look my wife gets on here face every time I do these deals… it’s a lot different look than the one i used to get when she’ed open up my credit card bill every month.

LeapFrog has turned my life around and taken me from a buyer to a seller who is loving every minute of it. I’m past every goal I set income wise and have set a real lofty one this week of $1,000 in 7 days.

I might not make that but it’s nothing but fun trying and even if it takes twice as long I will make it which is a million times better than it ever used to be before November 2018 when this trip got started.

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