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The FIRST Really EXPENSIVE Mistake that I Made as an Online Marketer and How To AVOID IT!

This Is About What I Wish I Had Done First But Didn’t!

Getting started as an Online Marketer is tough enough but when I did it I really screwed up. I thought it had to be me who did everything by myself in the online part of my business and not only was it exhausting and expensive… it was nothing short of stupid!

There’s a ton of stuff that you need like…

  • Hosting
  • Web Site
  • Training
  • Reports
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Graphics
  • Lead Magnets
  • Landing Pages
  • and a lot More…

I Bought It ALL and MORE When THIS Was ALL that I Needed!

Get Everything that You Need HERE to Get YOU Started!

I wrote “The FIRST Really EXPENSIVE Mistake that I Made as an Online Marketer and How To AVOID IT!” and did the walkthrough of my account with Resell Rights Weekly because it’s what I wish I had known about and bought into but didn’t.

I’d have Jumped of this like a $2 Hooker if I’d Known about It!

With everything that you have to do to get found online and to be taken seriously when you’re new starting out… when you’re the only one doing all the work it’s exhausting. A membership at Resell Rights Weekly will help you with all that.

Use the Done for You Content for Your Blog

You’ve heard it said a million times… you need content “content is king” which is code for get busy typing up a storm but what if you write like shit. Sitting at your computer with an empty head with two lines of text and this huge mostly blank page staring back at you sucks.

The first benefit of using done for you content (PLR, RR, MRR) is all the time you’re going to save. All you need to do is download what you need and use it as it is or re-edit it into your own voice if  that’s how you want to roll.

The Videos Will Stop People Bouncing off Your Site too Quick!

Done for you content can provide those Video that will keep people on your site longer without you having to appear in front of a camera.

You know Google watches for how long people stay on your website right? So whenever somebody hits your site if they just come and go that’s not a good thing – it’s measured and it’s what they call your bounce rate.

See some people just love to read… but most don’t so to make sure your ass is covered make sure you either have knobs for the wing nuts to play with or videos which is what I recommend

Where would you put knobs anyway?

Give Out FREE Bonuses, Gifts, Bribes to Your People

Giving Free Stuff away is so good… I mean it feels good to do and makes other people feel so good to get. So are you doing that? If not why not? Right cuz you got squat for time to make some shit up for them or you’re too tight to buy something for them… BAD PLAN STAN!

Lastly… Educate Yourself for CHEAP at Resell Rights Weekly

There’s more I could say about this but you get the drift. To get more info and at least signup for a FREE account head over to… Resell Rights Weekly and thank me later!


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