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If You’re in Business, You’ve Got Competition!

Correction: Mike Thomas, the guy I told you was from Spain in the video actually lives in Istanbul, Turkey. I knew that so I don’t know why I told you he was from Spain.

I’m not going to repeat here what I said in the video but I’d like to ask you a question which I don’t need you to answer. What happened to your thinking the moment you landed on my home page and spotted the slide-in-video on the right side?

Did you find yourself curious to see what that thing was all about or did you ignore it. The reason I ask is I have software that lets me know what people spend time on and it has shown my slider video is really popular with people.

Slowing people down and breaking their thinking is golden for lowering your bounce rates, ups your opt-in rates, ups your conversions, and ups customer lifetime values which is critical to you especially if you have a local business.

What I told you about this software in the video is why I love it but doesn’t scratch the surface on what it’s capable of…

To learn more go to VIDEO TAKEOVER

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If You’re NOT Pissing Some People OFF Online Nobody Gives a Shit About YOU!


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    Hey Fred,
    Interesting bit of software, although it ain’t working as I returned to your site this morning and I refreshed it after watching your video?
    My guess is either that I am a returning visitor or it has something that is preventing it from working or that you are just about to upload it onto your website.
    Anyhoo, just thought I’d drop by and see how you are going on, which I will continue to do of course.
    Speak soon and stay focused,

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      Hi Rick, I sent you an email to demo how this works. Video TakeOver is not on my website it’s a hosted software that uses whatever url I give it to layer a slide in video and specific controls over top of the chosen website. I’m going to do more examples over the weekend like laying my slider in top of a carper layer’s website, or a painter ot plumber or Realtor maybe. Anyway I hop that makes sense it’s really clever in all it can do. It’s got a crap load of good stuff included with it too! 🙂 Thanks again for your feedback – I appreciate you for that man.

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