Offline Consulting Confidential – I Saw This, Loved It and I’m Doing It-640

Offline Consulting Confidential – I Saw This, Loved It and I’m Doing It!

There’s a Chance You Don’t Know ME but I LOVE Cars

I grew up in a family business, it was a service station, so when I saw this…

  1. Auto Repair Shops Are Paying Over $50 A Piece For Leads
  2. That Can be Got for $5 Each Using Seven Services That Can be Outsourced
  3. Done-For-You package – get Business Owners Begging for Access To These Leads

If you knew me you’d be able to predict with 100% accuracy that I would personally want to get in on this.

I didn’t know Jim Mack or his “Offline Consulting Confidential” product. I learned about it from a marketer friend of mine, Kam Jennings, doing a review of it and liked what I saw but the fact that he’s decided he’d do it himself – that sealed the deal for me.

I decided I wanted to do it as well so I did the research on Google.

It didn’t take long to see what Jim was talking about. There’s a huge need for these garages to get help with their online marketing, and the fact that this stuff can all be outsourced is great because I got software as my main thing. However, there’s another problem, and it’s a biggie.

You SEE I’m Good at Procrastinating!

I know if I buy something, download it to my hard drive, and then let it sit there – I mean if I don’t do something with it like within a day or so – I’m screwed because I’ll forget about it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that.

I’ll DO THIS but I WANT 3 Others to DO IT With Me.

So, here’s the deal… to keep me accountable and to thank you for buying Offline Consulting Confidential through my affiliate link I’m going to  put together a mastermind specifically for my people and it’ll be for as long as it takes to get the show on the road.

Check it out now before the price goes up… Offline Consulting Confidential  – NOTE: I need you purchase particulars to get our mastermind set up.


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  1. Reply

    I’m in but now I’m out the door for the old day job!
    I Got it Fred…

    Fantastic idea about the group accountability thing which is my key reason for jumping on board…as well as it being hosted by your good self of course.
    Gotta go buddy and I will catch you later or tomorrow as Saturday is my only day off this week.
    Stay focused,
    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      Hey Rick… watch your email. I sent a message to you rather than commenting because you’re an “Offline Consulting Confidential” Mastermine member and that stuff is for your eyes only. Thanks for commenting I really appreciate you for that man!

    • larry
    • April 29, 2017

    Hi, i just purchased through your link. I sent you an email to get details on joining your master mind. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks

    1. Reply

      Thanks for letting me know Larry and welcome aboard. I’m glad you’re joining me with this. I’m more excited about doing it than I can tell you because of the accountability part of it. It’s just so easy to put good money out on something, love the look of it, and do nothing with it after picking it up, … I’m speaking from my own experience here. I’ll get back to you now in the email – Thanks again!

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