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Now You can Make Professional Quality Text Animation Videos Quickly and Easily!

I ToTaLLy LoVe PaTTern InTeRRupt MarKEting…

so, I knew when I found Kinetic Text Animator, I’d have to get it for my business… AND I also knew that I’d be showing this brilliant software to anybody else who needs a fun and interesting way to deliver a compelling marketing message in videos.

My love of pattern interrupt marketing came to me honestly because I’m an ex-Realtor and for all of the years I was in the home selling business I was continually looking for fresh innovative ways to get the eyeballs of ready, willing, and able buyers on my seller’s listings.

I knew the more exposure I could drum up for my sellers the quicker I’d find the right buyer for their place also that it would sell for more money!

YES… Kinetic Text Animations are the NeXt bIG ThINg!

Everybody knows, using Kinetic Text Animations in videos is an awesome way to create a pattern interrupt PLUS it entertains people at the same time but it’s normally complicated and eXPenSive as HeLL…

For instance, right now you can easily spend $200 or more to get After Effects plug-ins that do similar kinetic text animations effects that you can get with just 3 of the effects in Kinetic Text Animator.

Introducing Kinetic Text Animator – The Walkthrough

Technology that gets attention in video is ALWAYS expensive and has a steep learning curve so after I found this I was over the moon about it and had to tell you about it

You Can Create Animated Memes With Kinetic Text Animator

Memes have become so popular with people you cannot go a day on Facebook without seeing a dozen or a hundred depending on how many friends you have so being able to animate videos like static memes opens up the imagination for marketing.

Just Laying Text on top of a Video is SO Very Compelling

Here’s What One Person did for a Non-Profit Organization

For more info check out Kinetic Text Animator

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