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It’s Day 5 Baby – TAKE MY MONEY and Bring On the Questions!

There’s Lots to Talk About Today so Let’s get at It!

When I started out this video a few of things were different for me. I was less nervous, more confident, and excited to do this one. It’s easy to do videos it turns out if you feel you’ve got something worth talking about.

When I got started this 30 day challenge I was filled with fear. Fear of doing the in front of camera thing yes but fear of being a waste of time for anybody who would eventually see my shit. I was also afraid I wouldn’t find enough stuff to actually talk about.

My first 4 days of this exercise was me mostly worried about me. Today that switched around and I was able to think about you… I became focused on the person who came here and willingly spent time watching this.

FIRST I Want Your Questions… This Place Is FOR YOU!

Like I said in my video, because I want to provide real world value to you for being here, and because I’m a member of Society 11 Mastermind and have free access to some of the best marketing minds available anywhere I want you to ask any MARKETING RELATED questions that you have at the bottom.

I won’t tell you stuff I don’t know, I don’t have to… I’m just going to go and get the info you’re looking for and bring it back to you. Fair enough?

So DO NOT hesitate! Ask away in the comments below! ALSO there are NO DUMB questions when it comes to marketing other than the questions you had but wouldn’t ask for fear somebody would say they were dumb questions.

I run this joint and nobody gets to talk smack at my pop shop!

NOW Here’s MONEY for You, a Camtasia SUPER DEAL!

I had a Mac a bunch of years ago and bought Camtasia for it. I never ended up using the Mac of that Camtasia software… end of story. Then today I get this in my email and freak out because of the bit about being able to use this on Windows.

So I read the email a few times then I called them to see if I read it right that I could run this software on a Windows computer.

The gal I talked to said yup I can run it on either OS that it’s the same product. SO here’s the deal… I just bought this and have installed in on my Windows computer so it’s 100% legit.

The only thing I don’t know is if you will get this thought the link I post under here. I was told it’s an honour system that I didn’t need in install link from my old Camtasia software and that part was also true… I didn’t have to provide any proof that I even owned a copy of Camtasia before.

NOTE: This “Camtasia Upgrade Offer” is NOT an affiliate link!

It came directly out of my email from techsmith so if you want this smoking deal grab it quick because I don’t how long they’re going to make good on it.

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    • Joey
    • April 13, 2017

    Hey Fred, thanks so much for the great info. I was actually going to purchase a new license very soon so now was as good a time as any.

    My previous/current license was a free copy many many many years ago and because of the price ($0), I did not receive updates or support….

    I had no qualms with paying their asking price because it is an investment of which I would definitely get my monies worth with, however, a 50% discount is very very welcome, lol.

    Thanks again Fred, awesome post. Keep em coming friend.

    Thanks. Talk soon.

    1. Reply

      Thanks for your feedback Joey… I was reigned to now have Camtasia because of the price they’ve been asking plus I have Screencast-O-Matic pro version and I love it but when I saw the email with the $99 thing and found out that I’d qualify for the deal I was all over it.
      It’s funny though that it wasn’t even a requirement for me to prove I had an old Mac version. I think they’re just being smart to be trying to recapture market share that they’re losing to some pretty damned good competitors who are massively cheaper than what they have been charging.
      Anyway, thanks again for dropping in and also for dropping the comment too I appreciate you man!

  1. Reply

    Hey Fred,
    Yep, you are definitely getting the hang of this video thing.
    I got the Mac version off AppSumo via Barry Rodgers link earlier this year I think? I am still getting my head around it, to be honest.
    This still looks well worth a look though as I do have a windows PC too.

    Thanks again, stay focused,
    Rick Ellwood

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