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If You’re NOT USING Pattern Interrupt Marketing in Your Business, You’re Losing Big Money to Your Competitors Who Do!

I Got Obsessed with Pattern Interrupt Marketing!

I was real estate agent in a market with over 5,000 other agents. To say it was a competitive market would be an understatement most of those competitors of mine claimed in their marketing to be #1 at something or other.

If you cannot separate yourself from your competitors then price becomes the issue!

When I discovered the power of Pattern Interrupt Marketing not only did I Not have to fight to get a listing… I didn’t have to cut my commissions either in the last ten years of my business. I was actually able to charge higher than normal commissions for what I was able to get for my clients.

The best tool for pattern Interrupts are personal webcam video appearances.

If you’re strong in that skill, you’re styling and you know it. However, if you’re not, you know that too, and you’re probably running around like a chicken with it’s head chopped off buying every trippy little toy you can find that will hopefully help.

If that’s you and it’s not working, what are you planning to do about that?

OR, Are you in a job you hate and would like to be able to earn your income from home? OR… maybe would like to earn additional streams of income to augment you job incomes working part time with just a computer, webcam and an internet connection?

I Can Help You… Check Out My Webcam Bootcamp Workshop


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