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If You Buying Things to be Successful and It’s NOT Happening … STOP It NOW!

I’ve Been the Worst Offender at What I’m Going to Talk About Today so Don’t Get Me Wrong!

This vlog/post may have a negative feel to it initially but I hope you’ll hear me out and that it turns out to be an opportunity for you to learn if you have a very common debilitating problem in the marketing niche and if you do have this problem how to break it. Fair enough?

Check this out…

This is #1 of Several MASTER Folders on several different hard drives… the Titles are BLURRED OUT to PROTECT You from YOURSELF!

To prove to you I’m not shitting you in this post I thought I’d start off showing you some of my dirty laundry. However, if you’re anything like me you’re easily distracted so I made it impossibility for you to spot something in the training section of my hard drive that you might think you need to go out and buy even before you finish reading my post.

I spent thousands of dollars for Do-it-Yourself marketing trainings to save money!

LAUGH! It’s funny now but it wasn’t while I was going through it. You can’t see what I bought but you can see it was a lot. Anything that came my way that indicated it could show me what I like to call the elusive secret to making money online I fell for it hook line and sinker… and sink I did.

If you’re living the IM Whack-a-Mole lifestyle it’s time to get off the Merry-go-Round!

Your PayPal account shows 7 debits against your credit card since Monday and it’s only Thursday… and in that lot there’s a monthly continuity as well that’ll be coming out about the same time each month until you terminate it if you even remember you have it.

That same PayPal account by the way is like a diode in that shit only travels one way… that’s out of your account cuz you don’t have any sales bring anything back into Paypal to even offset what you bought this week… can you feel me.

If you’re like me, and would like to change, do what I did…

Step #1: I got off of everybody’s email list – zero exceptions!

Step #2: I looked for somebody in IM that I trusted and made a connection.

Step #3: Lastly I got honest with that person about what I was doing and want to accomplish online!

That marketer who by the way is a guy and my mentor helped me to break the cycle I was in and he got me making money and it wasn’t a high ticket coaching thing either which is another cash sucking trap to avoid that’s growing daily in the IM niche

Anyway that’s all I got… if you’re buying IM products to make money faster than you can use them and not yet making money… AND… if you’d like to stop doing that I know how turn that around and I’d be happy to share that with you for FREE no hitch, or catch, and no credit card is required.

Contact Me.. We’ll Talk.

OR check out this awesome do-it-yourself game plan 



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