I Installed my Facebook Pixel on Day 29, I Wish That I Had Done that on Day One-640

I Installed my Facebook Pixel on Day 29, I Wish That I Had Done that on Day One!

Here’s My First Post About A STUPID Mistake!

Mistakes are the things we never like to talk about much and Stupid Mistakes almost never but that’s not how I roll. Before I went to bed I decided to focus on getting my Facebook pixel into my site and I’m happy to tell you I succeeded at that.

What I’m not happy about is how STUPID I felt that I waited so long.

I had one objective when I started my new blog and that was to get over my fear of the webcam.

My thinking was that was more important to me than anything else but the problem with that thinking was it limited me.

Yes I was successful at the webcam thing, and yes I did build a nice following organically which was cool, and yes I did make some money which was completely unexpected but I could have been building a list and wasn’t.

I could’ve been building a custom audience on Facebook but I didn’t do that either.

Oh WELL I’m Doing it NOW, Better Late Than NEVER, Right?

While I’m still thinking about when I got started this project I’m painfully reminded that I was terrified of appearing in front of my webcam. I kid you not! I would get short of breath, get dry mouth, stumble.. stammer and worse.

The good news is I discovered strategies to blow through my fear of the webcam.

To put this in perspective, I’m 65 years old, I quit drinking in 93, I quit smoking in 2000, and I’ve played guitar which I’ve loved for over 50 years… but being able to do these videos has given me a greater sense of achievement and well being than everything else put together.

Are You Uncomfortable Behind Your Webcam?

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If you haven’t found your niche yet check out – Offline Consulting Confidential. I found this, I got it, I’m promoting it, and putting together a closed Mastermind for it.

I’m also a member of SOCIETY 11 and I feel everyone who is serious about being the best they can be in marketing should be a member as well… check it out!

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    Hey Fred,
    I too have been a busy bee for the last few days and this internet marketing lark is hard work at times and very time-consuming, even when you have the time to do it, you feel that you should be some place else or you are missing out on something.
    Its great to see how this thing has grown and how you started out with a vision of what you wanted it to be and then towards the and of the challenge you seem to have something totally different at the forefront of your mind.
    I guess that’s like you say ” You don’t know what you don’t know”? I hope I got that correct.
    As I said earlier I too have been busy and to be honest I’ve still yet to take a look at the Auto product so don’t you go stressing over it, let’s get some more people in if possible, I will do my best to set some time aside to get my head around it.
    Looking forward to tomorrow and you never know I might even be in the IMPub tonight? As long as I don’t crash out at the computer like I did this afternoon:-)
    So I’ll see you later Fred, stay focused buddy,
    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      I’ve done a re-think on the local business consulting mastermind Rick and I feel I don’t want to limit that to the automotive niche in fact I want it to be open to ALL local businesses who are being underserved right now. For instance all the blue collar work for starters and whatever else we brainstorm once we get a group meeting and thrashing out ideas. I couldn’t be more excited about this thing if I tried and it IS Going to be a GO regardless of how long it takes to find it’s legs my friend. 🙂

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