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I FOUND this $100 to $300 per day Marketing Plan and Bought It Myself… and YOU Should Too!

I’m a Facebook Buy & Sell Groups Guy…

Specifically, I’m a LOCAL Buy & Sell groups guy (LIKE THIS ONE) but THIS post is NOT about my groups, it’s a bit LONG, and it definitely WILL NOT interest everybody, but for the few who take the time to read this to the bottom… it could be life changing for you.

If you know me, and are a member of my FB LEAP FROG Local Buy & Sell Group Mastery group, I told you yesterday… “I had just bought a monetization & list building system that I’ll be testing in my Buy & Sell groups starting Monday… so stay tuned!”

I’m revealing here what I purchased and why I did it.

I’m 100% committed to SELLING physical products for CASH through multiple local buy & sell groups for 2018 and beyond and that remains unchanged. There’s huge money in that alone but there’s more to my overall business plan that I didn’t talk about.

I’m always interested in PASSIVE & CONTINUITY INCOME so to that end I’m in the process of building GLOBAL Facebook groups in numerous NON-IM Niches to build email mail lists in to sell IM products to with the plan to take that same business model into LinkedIn as well.

I was a Realtor for over 30 years so, though I’m not a typical IM guy, I am a typical business man and what’s going on right now is maybe the BEST time ever to get into selling online BUT there’s a LOT to know… that’s why so FEW PEOPLE are doing well, and MOST are NOT making any money AT ALL!

With what I have learned in David Fearon’s Course “Instant Social Profits” I NOW know how to build Facebook hosted money machines, how to build trust, and how to get my opportunity offers in front of people who are WILLING to do the work and make money which is NOT the typical IM buyer…

IM people are most often too LAZY, they expect to be spoon fed, and that’s why the big sellers on W+ and Zoo right now are mostly push button shit that won’t make most people a dime.

Now, before I go any further here, just so you know… I will NOT be telling ALL you guys what I’m doing globally OR with LinkedIn… that would be STUPID, but I will tell a few of you what I’m doing to build BUYER LISTS.

Instead of joining the “New product every week” launch cycle circle jerk thing that’s so popular right now and launch JUNK PRODUCTS that are just SHIT to get email addresses to spam…

My game plan is to find people who’d like to make another income stream online using contests, lead magnets for skill trainings, and software sales through ThriveCart which I’ll be buying shortly.

This is not talked about much because it’s UNDER the RADAR marketing which is how I did my real estate business for years.

Anyway, I’m not going to say more on the master plan, but I searched to find a ready built lead generation system that I could feel good about, that wasn’t SHIT in a can, and one that I could implement quickly rather than going to all the trouble to create one myself.

In researched the costs involved for creating a high converting funnel for a product…

  • $1,500 – Converting Sales Page Copy
  • $1,200 – Professional Sales Page Design
  • $2,500 – Quality Product Creation
  • $500 – Squeeze Page Collecting Leads
  • $500 – Thank You Page Copy and Design
  • $875 – Email Series for Boosting Sales
  • $1,000 – Facebook Ads for TARGETED Traffic
  • $375 – Social Media Tweets and Posts

On top of that, you need an awesome idea and something of value to giveaway.

So, for me it was about TIME and MONEY and I purchase  Kevin Fahey’s “IM Funnels” which is 6 of Kevin’s massively successful product launches (most of which I already owned so I know the quality of the products and the reputation of the creator) everything included businesses in a box thing and I’m stoked about that.

Now, this idea is NOT NEW… Brett Rutecky has been selling a reseller idea with his own software for years, and Mario Brown just offered white label to his stuff, most of which I bought, but never made any money because the funnels were not there, and I didn’t know how to build them.

I did not want to use Brett’s stuff and Mario’s stuff has been SOLD to DEATH…

What Kevin has done here has never been done before… I’ve not seen anything this good and this legit in IM, so I bought into it… hook, line, and sinker.

I intend to start off my list building locally first with one of Kevin’s marketing funnels. But, at my age, TIME is everything, so I plan to hire someone to help me, if necessary, to build my global plan and implement all of his income machines by June this year, no later than September.

I plan to grow a buyers list and make from $100 to $300 PER DAY as an affiliate for Kevin Fahey to NEW people (NOT IM PEOPLE) who need the skills to make money online and the tools to help them do that.

Now, to the point of this post… I want to form a VERY SMALL group of accountability partner “the ACTION TAKERS” who will meet with me in my meeting room to push each other to do the work required to make this system rock.

You will be somebody who buys Kevin’s “IM Funnels” through my affiliate link and also be serious about doing the work to make the $100 to $300 goal a reality in their life as well.

If that’s you, get in on this before Kevin raises the price click on the GREEN BUTTON BELOW.

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