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Today’s To do list…

Join ALL Facebook buy & sell groups in your area hopefully 20 or more. It will take time to be approved by all of them, but by the time you have everything organized and are ready to post items for sale you will probably be approved by most if not all the groups you applied to.

  • Dig up all the salable items that you don’t want anymore and would like to sell
  • Research what each item has recently SOLD for as USED items on eBay and Amazon

From your research set you asking prices, take some great pictures, and do nice write ups for each item follow the Perfect Post template provided in the files section.

Now start posting you ads and as soon as you save to post use the cross-posting option at the bottom to post the ad on as many other groups you are a member of as they will allow… I have most of my items advertised on 21 groups.

If you haven’t done so yet… create your own local Buy & Sell group using “Setting up Your FB Buy & Sell Groups the LEAP FROG Way v1.2.pdf” also located in the files section.

Lastly… DO NOT interact with anybody who comments under your posts… if you created your posts right they have been warned that…

“NOTE: For ALL questions message me directly. I don’t monitor posts for comments.”

“NOTE: This was originally posted at Bargain Hunters Buy & Sell Club Nanaimo and cross posted out from there. For ALL questions message me directly. NO HOLDS FCFS. I don’t monitor posts for comments.”

Now wait for the communication requests start coming to you from Messenger and remember to be friendly and expect everyone to be awesome people because MOST ARE… there’s only a FEW ASSHOLES but they do move around a lot.

Now GO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY and make yourself some cash!

If you’d like to know more about Facebook Buy & Sells Groups and LEARN how to build them check out our closed mastermind LeapFrog Local Buy&Sell Group Mastery and find out maybe the best kept secret for 2017.

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