200 deal for Free

How about Getting $200 for Something You Got for Free with Zero Selling Fees

My son in-law works for a building supplies company and he got this damaged vanity given to him for free because it wasn’t salable.

The dimensions were wrong to fit in his lower bathroom so he asked me if I could sell it for him.

So, I put an ad in my newest buy & sell group in the wee hours of the morning before I went to bed.

By morning I had some interest, went to a movie with my wife, and by mid-afternoon I had multiple people interested with a potential deal that did firm up later in the day.

You’d think the best part of this was the fast sale for the full asking price which was 100% profit for my son in-law… but the best part of this deal was it went to a cause that is dear to me.

The people who bought it have group homes and 9 programs in the community for autistic and FASD youth and adults.

I have two kids in my family with autism.

Oh yeah, and the second best part is my son in-law thinks I’m a freaking hero for finding him $200 this quick after Christmas but there’s even more…

What really stoked me was nobody actually bought this from my buy & sell group… it was just my launch pad. [LeapFrog]

Normally anybody looking to find FAST CASH… like within 24 HRS without a mail list or a a tribe would normally have to do something illegal or unsavory to get it but not now…

at least not if they’re willing to learn how to do what I do… LIKE I DO IT!

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