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Here’s My 90 Day Product Creation by Richie Nolan Review… Just Buy It!

If You’re Like ME Product Creation is a Problem!

I mean you’re a creator or wanna bee and you want to do a good job. You don’t want to be lumped in with those other guys. You know what I mean… I’m talking about those products that come out with the four or five creator names at the bottom and the best part of the whole thing is the sales pitch.

Well I got a treat for you cuz this ain’t one of those!

I’m not going to pitch you in here about Richie Nolan’s “90 Minute Product Creation” training because to me this thing is a NO BRAINER sortta like trying to talk you into oxygen right? Like who can’t use some tips on this topic especially coming from a guy like Richie.

For Starters this is FAST from Start to Finish NO FLUFF!

It’s just what you need to know and nothing more which I really appreciate being a bit of an ADD guy with a Short Attention Span, who gets Distracted easy and sometimes sounds like he’s got Tourette’s Syndrome as far as my vocabulary goes.

I just made myself laugh with that last bit.

So here’s the bullets on this thing…

  • It’s 31 Minutes – you can go start to finish in the bathroom.
  • Richie’s work with the Heavy Hitters so he Knows his Stuff
  • He talks about 7 Golden Rules of Product Creation
  • What to do to Create your product from A-Z
  • How to do the Research you need to create the product
  • He actually goes into How to Build your product
  • How to make sure it’s Completed and it’s High Quality
  • He covers how to Release It and make Improvements
  • He even covers 3 ways to Distribute your product
  • MORE

To see more on this from the guy who actually built it go check it out…

90 Minute Product Creation





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  1. Reply

    Ah, up there, Fred!
    Looking good and very relaxed now you are a third into your challenge..a true natural my friend.
    You even got two videos done today wow! I’m gonna take a look at the Richie review after I’ve done commenting on your Day 11 video.
    Just one thing I still haven’t seen yet is the place to sign up for your emails? I am going to return here daily because I like you and the stuff you talk about, but I’m sure you’ve got some nuggets tucked away for your email list right?
    Anyhoo, I’m getting ready for the day job and day two of my Richie accountability steps to keep to.
    Speak soon, stay focused
    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      Rick I can see video quickly becoming my first choice for blogging and communicating because once the terror of being in front of the camera leaves you get this weird empowered feeling that makes you want to do more. I guess I better understand skydivers or the people who swim with the sharks. Hey, that gave me an idea for a video Man. I appreciate you watching my journey here and I really appreciate you commenting. It’s like getting a prize or something to see that little notifier like what we’re used to on Facebook.

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