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GOOD Health Matters a Lot to YOU When You Start to LOSE IT!

When You’re Young You Believe You’ll Live Forever!

That’s not actually true… when you’re young the idea of not being here doesn’t cross your mind until you lose a family member and since they were usually old (like centuries old) when they die and that’s so far away in time you don’t give it a second thought. 

However, once you get old enough to learn about health issues and especially if you learn about other people your age who are sick then health and wellness begins to register as a real thing and it no longer is an abstract concept.

When You Get Sick Yourself is When Reality Sets In!

That’s when paying attention to health and wellness sets in and maybe even a bit of willingness to change your lifestyle to include some known behaviors and rituals that are popularly thought to enhance your health and that’s where I am now.

So this blog is going to shift priorities from this point forward…

I was mostly focused on marketing here which is a huge passion of mine and for most folks marketing equates to wealth and freedom but as we all know without your health your wealth has little value so here goes my new direction.

My NEW Order of Priority is Focus on HEALTH… Then WEALTH!

Everything that’s here now that relates to marketing i’m going to leave here but my new conversation on this blog is going to be about health and happiness because I feel those two topics are way more important than wealth.

I have a new site http://www.patterninterruptmarketing.com that’s in the works right now which will be focused on the marketing and wealth kind of stuff I originally intended to talk about on this blog.


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    Yes, Fred, you’re right, always go with a niche you’re passionate about, if you don’t you will become bored and it will come across in your writing there will be no excitement or enthusiasm in it.

    I don’t think your passion is with all the IM, MMO crowd, of course you want to make money online who doesn’t but your passion is something you know about and have suffered it for years which is pain and not pain of not making a living online, physical pain, the pain that doesn’t go away and just niggles at you constantly, that kind of pain will stop you dead in your tracks, so I hope you get a grip on your pain and you find a solution.

    There is a lot of things doctors will not hear about and just laugh at like the herbal remedies they want you to use a chemical to ease the pain, the only thing with chemicals these directly affect your brain and no doctor have a clue what side effects they have. Doctors only want us to use chemicals so they can get a cut of the profits 🙁

    maybe all the continuous chemicals from tablets we have taken over a lifetime is causing the pain who knows 🙁

    I product I strongly believe in and if it was an MLM I would invest any money I had it’s called periton, it is made from mussels and helps with muscle pain, deep heat is crap don’t buy that it just burns your skin this stuff warms the area and with a week the pain is gone its crazy good but I’m not sure its available in your neck of the woods 🙂

    http://pernaton.co.uk/ UK website read about it, it’s amazing 🙂

    I will be with you on your journey my good man wish you every success, as I have said many times the key to making money online is test regroup test apply and give value 🙂

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      Hey Eugene thanks for your feedback I really appreciate you man and that product you mentioned periton. I’m going to get onto that today like flies on shit because just scanning it I think you’re onto something there. You’re right about me and the greater IM niche it feels a bit maybe a LOT like marketing incest but maybe that could be said about other industries. I mean when you get a closer look at investments and some of the other potential cesspools you quickly come to realize they’re not what they want people to know they are. I have to say the idea of breaking my plan for my main blog came as a complete surprise to me and to be honest it scared me because I know a hell of a lot more about sales, and Internet Marketing, and marketing software than I do about getting rid of body pain. You’re right though about how pain can affect you… it sucks the life out of you. It’s hard to feel enthusiastic or even optimistic when you hurt and the longer it goes on the depression that follows can swallow you up. At any rate for better or worse I’m going to split my interests and this blog is going to be about my amended priorities that include my dog family and my love of comedy and music moving forward. My new blog will be all about what I love about marketing and I think I will spill the beans on an industry that I worked in since 1988 until I retired in 2016. There’s a story there maybe and for sure I will be building software for my ex-brothers and sisters in real estate. Anyway thank you again for your share and thank you for being an awesome friend… we surely are brothers from different mothers link of like when mom got knocked up in her retirement years right? lol!

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