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Finally, a 1-click WordPress Plugin, that Blocks Theme Detection Tools From “Spying” on Your Sites!

Grab this now while it’s $7 before the price rises!


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    Haha – nice one – it works! I didn’t know you had this and when I wanted to know what theme you used – I couldn’t find out!! hehe

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      Hey John thanks for the feedback. I totally love this plugin because it’s a two second install with no settings to fuss with so for the price of a Starbucks it was a no brainer for me. The theme I’m using right now is Authority by MyThemeShop but I just got accepted by Thrive themes to promote their products so over the next month or so I will be switching over to ALL Thrive products here on my blog as well as my other websites. Anyway thatks again for commenting I really appreciate you for that man! 🙂

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