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Day 8 is About the IM PUB and Society 11, My Two BEST Tools for Success!

I’ve Been in 4+ HRS of High Ticket Coaching for FREE!

Today’s post is going to be shorter but it’s packed with the most possible value that I can share with you because it has my mentor and the co=creator of my altime favorite marker mastermind group called Society 11.

In addition to that, if it wasn’t already enough… because Andy started the IM Pub back in the Blab days, there is a following of the biggest names in marketing who just show up there unanounced as it it was no big deal that they’re there.

I’m not going to be doing any name dropping here because that would be a classless thing to do but I will say this… some of these Pubs provide a red carpet event type impact on my because my heros are there and sharing their most valuable stuff also for Free!

The TWO Things I’d Like You to Do Now…

I’m assuming you’re interested in marketing specifically ho w to do better in marketing and if that’s the case I’d like you to click on my share tool below to get access to the two links I have there for you and go check them out.

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Here’s the IM Pub Link

Here’s my review of SOCIETY 11


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  1. Reply

    Hey there Fred!
    Great video promoting the IMPUB
    Evan though I love going in there, I think it’s gonna get harder to get a seat. But that doesn’t bother me too much because there are others who have to experience overcoming their fears of being on camera and break through just like we did. Thank you again my NS
    Stay focused,
    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      I can’t help but feel nostalgic when it comes to the IM Pub because of what it has done for me but we both know life sometimes makes it not impractical to attend every week. As far as getting in the pub goes I have seen a full house in there and it happens more these days than it used to but Andy has a rule that Society 11 members will be given preferential treatment and will be given a seat if they want in and message him. He will then remove a non-member of S11 to make room for a S11 member to come in which is classy in my view. Thanks again for you comment I appreciate that you take the time to do that Rick.

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