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Day 4 of My 30 Day Challenge – Crushing My Fear of Being on Webcam

Today I Took a Swing and Covered Three Bases…

I went longer today on video than I ever have and it was easy by comparison and for good reason, I wanted to promote myself because if you can promote yourself for sure nobody else is going to and I want to bring attention to Society 11.

To get a lot more information about Society 11 you can get there by clicking on the image below – it’s linked to my review site – and also there’s a link at the bottom that’ll take you to the same place.

Just So You Know I’m Not the Only One Who Loves Society 11

It’s easy to minimize whatever somebody says about whatever they’re promoting because they will make money if you buy what they’re promoting through their link… not so easy to write of what somebody has to say who bought and won’t make a dime if you buy. Right?

To find out about Society 11 before it goes up in price go to



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    Hey Fred,
    I’m starting to sound like Barney Rubble now from the Flintstones but I am almost up to date with watching your challenge videos.
    This one I know was a longer one but you are now a natural on camera Fred.
    Can I ask if you made that website? the
    It looks great…
    Well, I’m heading over to your Day 5 video.
    Stay focused,
    Rick Ellwood

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