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Well, Day 3 of my 30 Day Challenge Went Different Than I Planned!

It’s Only Day 3 and Already I’m off Script Here!

I worked really steady all day yesterday until almost into this day… it was 4AM when I took my two dogs Cody & Lola out for their last pee to tucked them in so I could also head off to bed exhausted but pleased with myself for all I accomplished.

So I got up at about 11AM and started at it right away at the computer with my facebook stuff for a bit before I fed the dogs – they get three meals a day and my oldest who freaks out over food normally but this last few months doesn’t like to eat right away.

So, once they’re taken care of I sat down again at the computer and turned on my Screencast-O-Matic pro screencast software to do my day three video and when I looked up at the monitor I thought holy shit you look like a homeless guy man…

Things Soon Took a Turn to a Crush of Mine!

Anyway, as you’ll know if you watched the video, I prattled on some once I clicked record on my software and introduced you to my little girl Lola then rather than dribble on about other stuff you may or not have been interested in I went into what I call my Society 11 gush.

So the video was done and it was time to create some content to go with it for my social media channels and i though why not post it here as well I mean it got started here anyway to you might as well so what all the hoopla is about. Right?

From Here Down is the Follow Up Stuff on Society 11

Occasionally, good shit happens and you’ve got to love it IF or WHEN it happens to you. Right? However, the things that are actually Life Changing don’t come around not so much if EVER AT ALL!

Well I’ve got a “Life Changer” to tell you about – I’m a member of Society 11 and It changed my life already in more ways than I’m going to be able to impress on you here but suffice to say I’m promoting the shit out of it and I’m fucking proud to do so!

Click on this image to read about this not so secret paid monthly marketer mastermind, that was put together with top marketers for ALL honest ethical marketers, and that’s now attracting all the top producers (heavy hitters) on my review site exclusive to S11 or click

If I were you and would like to up my marketing game I’d join today before the price goes up. The video I have there I’m replacing later today because it talks about an old price that’s not available anymore. While we’re on the topic of price for those of you who don’t believe, the price is going up… come back after the timer hits all zeroes.

Just so you know… I joined Society 11 at $19 per month which is all I will ever pay because I believed in it when not that many did.

I have since quiet promoted it to some guys who came in through me who are paying more, $27 per month and who are locked in at that price.

What this means is I’m no longer paying anything out of pocket at all for my membership in Society 11 and the best part is I’m happy as hell for the guys who came in through me because of the value they get.

So, to the point of this pushy post of mine… those of you who see this and aren’t already a member of Society 11,

if you turn down this opportunity today to apply to join S11 at this price, image how you’re going to feel when $97 per month is the cost of entry.


Check out Society 11 on my review site:




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  1. Reply

    Hey Fred,
    Good idea having your live timer on your arm, she knows when it’s time to eat sleep and drink too I guess. Sometimes it’s a God send when our pets give us a nudge to step away from the computer and sort of remind you that you have to do something other than marketing right?
    Anyway, keep up the good work.
    All the best and stay focused,
    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      Hey Rick thank you for your comment… I know there’ll be people who think having my dogs in what I do here as hokey or manipulative which is cool because I really don’t give a shit but I totally adore my dogs. In fact I’m such a pets driven human it’s a belief of mine a life without animals in it is less that a life with them in it… just my opinion but highly accurate lol! Any way you’re making me feel good from reading what you write and I appreciate that!

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