Day 26 - 10 Reason You Need to Use VIDEO in Your Internet Marketing Business Plan-640

Day 26 – 10 Reasons to Use VIDEO in Your Internet Marketing Business Plan!

You Need to be Using Video in Your Marketing!

I was terrified to appear in front of the webcam but I knew why I needed to crush that…

  1. Video increases customer conversions
  2. Video builds stronger emotional connections
  3. There has been a rise is affordable accessibility in video
  4. Using videos will get you much better click through rates
  5. Using videos gets you much higher content retention rates
  6. Videos provide more opportunity for optimization
  7. There is much more video friendly technology available these days
  8. Videos are known for getting much higher engagement with your people
  9. Videos capture your visitor’s attention and keeps their attention longer
  10. Lastly but certainly not least, using Video provides you with improved website SEO

I think the video has all you need to get you motivated to at least try to get you video game face on and start making video a top priority but what if you’re frozen stiff at the thought of doing this video thing?

That’s EASY… I Will Show You How to “CRUSH Your FEAR of VIDEO” for FREE but for a Limited Time!

Promotion: If you’re working on something do it to the max and ignore this… but if you’re still looking for THAT Thing that You’d Love to do check out what I’m getting ready to do myself – Offline Consulting Confidential

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  1. Reply

    Hey Fred,
    I think you will agree, that anyone who is crapping themselves about getting in front of the camera is wasting time and losing out on major opportunities!
    I was shocked at those figures and facts that you pointed out on video versus actual blogging or the written word.
    Interviews are great and I love the totally free website with shed loads of interviews from Michael Senoff with very successful people in I think that’s the URL?

    I think he is a great interviewer and makes Mike from Maine sound like an amateur, I’m sure you’ve heard of him? Are you thinking of getting into interviewing too Fred?
    I think certain people can be quite skillful in their questioning to get more out of the guest than they would normally get away with and something tell’s me that you could pull that thing off with your personality.
    Just a thought, stay focused and I will be back tomorrow eager to watch Day 27!

    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      I needed some pretty stiff facts Rick to get me off my ass with this fear of the camera thing and it’s why I created this post. I wanted to move the needle for some other folks like me who wanted to do videos but who are stuck like the proverbial deer in the headlights. As you know I have made some good gains in just 26 days after what I studied and started this journey. The results from what I’ve done I can honestly say was the best thing I could ever have done for my self esteem AND my financial future… way more fucking important to me my friend than a brand new car or house. BTW – I appreciate you man! 🙂

  2. Reply

    Hey Fred,
    My apologies for the website link, I should have looked first. I didn’t realize Michael was now charging a monthly fee for it and I am certainly not an affiliate but I thought you could get access to his core site for free. If you like you can delete my post and I’ll do another tomorrow or manipulate my post to avoid giving the link?
    Again my apologies,

    1. Reply

      No worries Rick! People can get whatever is available there for Free and they can bloody well pay for the stuff the guy wants money for. I don’t expect good life changing stuff to be FREE and other sane people won’t be bothered by it. The insane ones can just leave in a huff and I’m cool with that. I mean me being a few bubbles off center wouldn’t get along with that fucking crowd anyway lol! 🙂

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