Day 25 – 5 STEPS to Internet Marketing Success in UNDER 4 Minutes-640

Day 25 – 5 STEPS to Internet Marketing Success in UNDER 4 Minutes!

You Need to Separate the Wheat from the Chaff!

This is what you need to succeed online in less than 4 minutes is…

  1. Do one thing (strategy, software, business idea) at a time
  2. Do that one thing whatever it is until you’re good at it
  3. Decide if you like it and actually want to continue to do it.
  4. Either embrace, implement & scale that thing OR kill it!
  5. Lastly FAIL as Fast and Often as You can Until You Crush It!

Now here’s some Free unsolicited advice: stop buying things that you don’t need because they’re on sale. That stuff is a distraction that will prevent you from getting anywhere with your make money online plan.

If you’re working on something do it to the max but if you’re wondering what you might like to do check out what I’m doing Offline Consulting Confidential

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  1. Reply

    Hey, Fred!
    I’m loving your 5 step tips, buddy, I also like the short video idea too as sometimes I’m almost out the door in the mornings after catching up on my “Fred Said” videos!
    I purchased a book that Sean Mize recommended one time (pardon the pun) called “The One Thing” It was a good read and to be honest that was all I felt, it was a good read and just watching and listening to your advice in this video which as you say is short and sweet, I think I got more outta that than that book!!!
    I think I’m going to watch this again on Youtube and take the notes and give your video a share too.
    Keep up the good work my friend and stay focused,

    1. Reply

      When I got started this 30 day challenge Rick my first video was done based on advice I got about about how long or rather how short a video should be in order to keep you viewer’s attention. Wistia said videos up to 2 minutes long get tons of engagement, that there’s a significant drop-off between 2 and 3 minutes, that between 3. 6 to 12 minutes is sweet spot #2 and to proceed with caution after 12 minutes. I’ve done them all of those durations but between now and Saturday when I conclude this project I want to adhere to a one topic between 2 to 3 minutes long with self promotion. By the way it was Kam who made me understand the point of self promotion. Anyway as usual I appreciate you for your support and friendship. 🙂

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