Day 23-640

Day 23 – Is My Journey Update and a Promise to Talk LESS on Camera!

YOU Talk Way TOO MUCH On Your Videos Frederick!

If somebody would have accused me of something like this before I started my 30 day challenge to crush my fear of talking in front of the camera I’d have pissed myself laughing… like the chances of me even sitting still behind what I call the one eye was unthinkable.

Yet here were after just 23 days and I yap my ass off at the drop of a hat and having nothing but fun doing it so let me ask you this… does the thought of talking to a webcam scare the shit out of you like it did me?

More people have a fear of appearing live in front of a camera than you might think?

After what has happened to me I want to take as many people as I can from being a deer in the headlights when they’re in front of a camera to someone who can honestly say “bring it on” when that knee knocker light flashes to let you know you’re on..

If you’d to become fearless of being on the camera you’re not going to want to miss my next video… stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

I Want to Find 3 People to Join Me Here…

So, here’s the deal… to keep me accountable and to thank you for buying Offline Consulting Confidential through my affiliate link I’m going to  put together a mastermind specifically for my people and it’ll be for as long as it takes to get the show on the road.

Check it out now before the price goes up… Offline Consulting Confidential  – NOTE: I need you purchase particulars to get our mastermind set up.

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  1. Reply

    Hey Fred,
    Don’t feel like you talk too much man, your info is golden and its great to see your progress and some of the secrets behind the scenes analytics are very informative, well I love it anyway. I’ve just installed google analytics on my site today too.
    I’m not sure if I’ve shared your site via that button but I’m gonna press it after I’ve finished typing 😉
    Hey I know you are doing this but I’m going to sign off with my saying, stay focused and I’ll be speaking to ya soon.
    You are rocking it, Fred!
    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      Now that I am not afraid of the camera the goal is to become interesting and quickly like within 3 or 4 minutes max. My next video is being made with this thinking in mind so watch to see if I can keep my word on that. I appreciate you Rick and I really enjoy what you write here… a lot!

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