Day 21 - What HAPPENS When You BOOST A Facebook Post-640

Day 21 – What HAPPENS When You BOOST A Facebook Post?

Boost Your Facebook Post They Said?

Facebook is freaking amazing man at marketing! I mean they’re all over you like shit on a baby blanket to spend your money to get some eyeballs on your posts. Now I ignored all those baits to buy until now because I have enough stuff up here now.

So I followed the instructions and hit the let’s rock button.

They said it would take about 15 minutes to have my post reviewed by a 100% authentic human being so I thought wow that’s going to be amazing. Well after I waited for a few hours I decided to stop watching the pot and the next day my $20 starting leaking from my kitty

I’ll Let You Know How it Turned Out When I’m Done!

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  1. Reply

    Hey Fred,
    I’ve done no FB advertising so you got way more experience than me, my friend.
    Your graphics are really good Fred I gotta say that.
    I would like to see what ROI you have with FB.
    I have so many FB guides and courses on my PCI really need to get my head around them.
    Like Andy say’s though, we can get 10% good at a shit load of stuff but I’m not gonna be an expert.
    Stay focused,
    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      Hey Rich we’re both on the same page with the FB advertising thing but that’s on my to do list cuz I haven’t even got a pixel for anything yet. So far I boosted one post on my fanpage but I cannot tell you if it was worth doing other than maybe a few more people know the guy with the dogs marketer that apparently lives on an Island in Canada somewhere lol. You’re in the “Inner Circle” so you’ll know everything and anything I’m learning/doing in there my friend. Thanks again for commenting here – I appreciate you big time man! 🙂

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