Day 18 - Relationship marketing is hard to fake-640

Day 18 – The KEY to Building an Business Online or Offline Is WORK, Know, Like, and Trust!

It’s ALL a PITCH When You’ve Been in Sales This Long!


I’m the kid in this shot is me. I pumped lots of gas at a young age.

 That’s more than enough about me… what’s your story?

  1. What attracted you to online marketing?
  2. What skills/tools do you have?
  3. What skills/tools do you need?
  4. Have you started making money online yet?
  5. Why should people want to do business with you?

Tell me your story, about your dreams, your goals, your frustrations, about what you’re learning, or what you’re planning on learning, and anything else that comes to mind in the comments below. I look forward to that and thanks for coming.

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  1. Reply

    Heyyy Fred!
    Wow, that was your best video yet, in my opinion, I really enjoyed watching and listening to your story snippets in this Vlog.
    I was about to turn in for the night, as it’s almost midnight here in the UK. But I’d just caught up watching Day 17’s vlog and then I noticed this, so I started to watch and was transfixed in your story style message.

    I would like to answer all of the questions now but I am bollock’sd and ready for bed…..
    However, as I sit here typing away, I get to thinking that maybe I should at least give you some answers my friend.
    Your questions are going to be answered as you have numbered
    My Answer to (1)
    Back in May 2008 after closing my German fitted kitchen business down, I happen to read about a guy from the UK who was making a shit load of money all from home. The guy’s name was Michael Cheney and the product was Affiliate Millions and I went all in and invested around $497 at the time we really couldn’t afford it, but I told my wife that I’d be bringing in the money in no time.
    And I was right! There was no time I was bringing in the money.
    My Answer to question (2)
    My skill set has been in selling to what we call domestic consumers for the last 35 years.
    Designing kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms for around 23 of those years using CAD software.
    Internet-related skills related I guess would be being able to build websites with WordPress, I can use the logo Creator fairly well and I can spot a bag of shit products that are a waste of my time too.
    My Answer to question (3)
    I am always looking for content creation tools like can feed a blog or on topic websites so that I could flip it later for a profit. The best I’ve ever used in the past was a product called Article Builder by Jonathan Leger

    My Answer to question (4)
    I have made money from local business people purely by cold calling face to face selling websites, but you soon learn that a lot of these people want your stuff cheaper than the next or they are really fussy and will have you running around like a chicken with no head!
    I had one guy who was just so picky about what I had done and was ringing me or texting me daily asking me how things were going? I went to the bank withdrew the $500 he had paid me up front only the week before and drove to his house and shoved it in an envelope and put it through his letter box. needless to say that I never heard from him again.
    My Answer to question (4)
    Hey who wouldn’t want to do business with me?
    I’ll have to get back to you on the dreams and goals thing Fred as I keep dropping off as I’m typing here pal. I will be doing a blog post on my website later this week that will be all about me, warts and all.
    Good night North Star, stay focused.
    Rick Ellwood
    Shit it’s 12:45am!!!

    1. Reply

      I relate to your story Rick. Thank you for your feedback. After reading this an idea popped into my head that said… wouldn’t it be awesome if we could be exposed to numerous things and pick whatever resonates most with us to pursue without having to dish out a bunch of cash up front at least until you can decide if that’s the path that we’d like to follow? I bet there’s a business opportunity in there because I do not know of anything like it. I also realized the best question to ask was one that I never thought to ask which is… “If money was NO OBJECT what would you LOVE to do?” and you know what… I have more than one thing that’s appealing to me right now? I bet that’s probably the case with lots of people. Thanks again for your comments I appreciate you.

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