Day 17 - Facebook Friends Lists Plus How things are Going so far-640

Day 17 – SEGREGATE Your Friends PLUS an UPDATE on HOW Things are Going!

Splitting Up You Facebook Friends & Progress Update!

From here on in it’s going to be typing less because I’m a shit typer for one thing, I spell like shit, plus I’m lazy. I mean why spend so much time with the tap, tap, tap when I’m already spending the time with the yap, yap, yap. Right?

Okay, so this first video is going to be about  a new think I just learned from one of my mentors Kam Jennings about segregating you friends into separate lists and it’s freaking awesome idea so I preceded to do it.

Everything You Do on Facebook Does Have Consequences

So before you set up to organize things or kick a hornet’s nest think about what you want to accomplish and what consequences you’re willing to underwrite from the process.

UPDATE: After I shot this video my Facebook friend got back to me with this…

“Oh, I totally misunderstood your message. I don’t know Facebook very well and I thought you were saying I had worked at IM and suggesting I place it in the “work history” part of my profile, if there is such a thing. Please don’t take me out of the IM group. I’m am trying to get my feet wet in IM and I’d appreciate being in the group to learn what I can from others and share my own knowledge, as I get more knowledgeable. Thank you!”

That kids is interaction and relationship building. Do you think my little blunder assuming that fellow was in Internet Marketing when in fact he wasn’t HURT ME? I don’t think so! In fact I think me and this guy became more like friends with each other than before.

UPDATE:  What’s Going On With My Blog Since I Started It.

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  1. Reply

    Hey Fred,
    I actually used the link you sent over earlier about saying I worked at “Internet Marketing” because even though I have a day job, I have always had it set to ” Works at Self Employed”
    I think I left it at that since I closed up my kitchen bedroom bathroom business back in 2006.

    I guess I thought that sooner or later I would be back self-employed as an internet marketer and I still do think that. So I want to thank you for the label thingy that now tells everyone that I work at internet marketing which isn’t a lie because I do work at it!
    Love the back to the front hat by the way! Stay focused,

    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      That link that you got Rick was Facebook sending that message to you because I put your name into an “Internet Marketing” list. I used to get those notifications myself that were coming from other people and I never understood why I was getting them until I did this list thing just now. Clearly there’s much to know about Facebook that just isn’t getting talked about.

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