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Day 15 – I Follow a 5-STEP Business Plan because 10-STEPS is Just TOO Much!

My Business TO-DO-LIST Has 5 Items ONLY!

The big thing these days seem to be to do lists and the arbitrary number on those is always 10. Who the hell is getting everything done from their 10-items to do list in a day? I don’t! On my best day I can get maybe 5-items done and on lots of days that’s just a pipe dream.

My Entire Business Plan has 5 Items ONLY On It!

Now there are subsets of things that need to be addressed in my 5 but I don’t think about those at all until I get there and rarely is my attention on 2 of my 5 in the same day.

So here’s the deal… since I’m doing this 30 videos in 30 days thing anyway I’m going to start talking about how I’m building my marketing/software business in 5 videos over the next 5 days. Each will cover what I do in detail.

So here’s the agenda for the next 5 days…

  1. Day#1: Pick Your Niche
  2. Day#2: Find Your Voice
  3. Day#3: Find Your Tribe
  4. Day#4: Find Their Pain
  5. Day#5: Find Their Solutions

If you’re in the mindset to start a new online business you’re not going to want to miss this.

To get notified when my five videos go live do this…

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When you’re in the group watch my video, go to the files tab on the left… that’s the vault!

I mentioned this in my video – here’s the access point to where the top marketers go to share what’s working now  The IM Pub

This is also place I’m a member of that might interest you … SOCIETY 11

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  1. Reply

    Hey Fred,
    I wish I had watched this yesterday as I missed out on going to the IMPub again! It wasn’t that I forgot that it was Friday, It was because I was so knackered from all the exercise that I had been doing this week and I had every intention of turning up in there because I even called at a shop and got a pack of beers!
    Well, I had my evening meal, cracked open a bottle of beer at around 8 pm and poured it into a glass and thought I’d kill an hour watching TV.
    I woke up at 11:35 pm!!! AND I hadn’t even had a sip of the beer….had to throw it down the sink, what a waste and I felt gutted I didn’t join in on the IMPub.
    Aching all over and just had to go to bed.
    Anyhoo this was another well worth watching video and I like the fact that you promote the website and the things that you are going to do in both your Facebook group and within your site too.
    Keep it up buddy, stay focused,
    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      Hey Rick I didn’t spend as much time in the Pug this time. I’m quite exhausted but thrilled still the same. My old dog Cody took a spell today. He lost his balance and tumbled down a side hill in the yard. I was all over him and for a minute of so I was wondering if today was his last one but he snapped out of it and got back to his old self like nothing had happened no pain, no fear, just a little confused I think. At 17 you know you’re on borrowed time and that old dog is like Oxygen for me he road with me on trips with my 2004 Harley I called the Rhino and we were thicker than thieves. I remarried after a long time single so we both put the riding days behind us but I assure you I’m going to be gutted on his last day. Well enough of that… I suppose this isn’t the time or the place for this. Anyway I slept in the recliner with my dogs most of the night and i’m up now in time to go to bed early 🙂 I appreciate you Rich, you make my day, night, middle of the night or wee hour of the morning when I see these. Thank you for that.

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