Day 13 – So, I Turned 65 Today, Which Means I’m Half Way Home, Maybe MORE!640

Day 13 – So, I Turned 65 Today, Which Means I’m Half Way Home, Maybe MORE!

If You’re as Old as Your Head Tells You… I’m 18!

Yes, you read that right, if I listen to what my brain says I’m still in my mis to late teens! However, my body being the pessimist in the bunch encourages me to thinks I’m a hunderd the sarcastic bastard. I’ll say this though, wherever I’m at in my journey. I’m a blessed and grateful 65 year old man.

Truth be told I should never have got here. I married up and have grandkids I LOVE to death because of my wife, I’ve got family I Love, I do what I love to do in my work, and I have Mentors guiding me every step of the way so how the fuck can you top that! Right?

I’m One Third In on My Webcam thing and I’m Loving It!

On day one of my 30 day challenge I was scared shittless to sit in front of my webcam. The mouth gets dry, the stumbling stammering and UMMMM…ING makes it worse, and getting to push the off button is top of mind.

Fast forward to day 13 you feel like a champion by comparison and for once fear is nowhere to be found. This journey has transformed how I feel about everything.

From Here on I’m Switching Gears so Stay Tuned!

I’ve talked plenty about me… too much probably but I didn’t do that because I’m full of myself. I did it to give you some of a vibe of who I am as a person and moving forward I’m just going to focus on what I’m learning from this so I hope you’ll hand around.

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It's what Fred says My 30 Day Webcam Challenge

Day 14 – the 3-STEP Connect Path to the COOl FREE Stuff!

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It's what Fred says My 30 Day Webcam Challenge

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  1. Reply

    Hey Fred……( I love typing that out because every time I do, it takes me back to when my younger sister and I would watch the Flintstones in black and white on TV)

    Exciting stuff is going to be happening in here right! I can not wait.
    I know your birthday was not as great as you wanted it to be with what has dampened any good news over the last week and I can’t blame you for how you were feeling.
    I think you started this video off with some fun and its good to see you smile and laugh too.
    I’ve just shared this post hoping that some of those people who like us, needed some form of encouragement and motivation to get in front of the camera and grow.
    I did that because I think you are the guy to give that much-needed help.
    Looking forward to Day 14 Video already.
    Stay focused,
    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      I watched the Flintstones every time they were on and could always relate so well with Fred being in the shit all the time like that lol. We for sure were brothers from different mothers me and FRED! 🙂 You know I SO appreciate you doing that Rick because I’d love nothing better than giving a load of people that little bit of motivation to just say Fuck It! Then go do it! I have never jumped out of an airplane but I watched Will Smith speak about when he did it and in a way I felt like that once the camera lost is hold on me. It’s as empowering as fuck to do whatever the hell you want and it’s like a drug too. Once you get a taste you can’t stop sipping from the well and the more out there you get the quicker you find Your People. The people who don’t like you will be pissed and run away but that’s good for them and it’s good for us who are the ones they want to run away from. Anyway you know how much I appreciate you and as soon as I get my shit together on this site I’ve been putting together I’m going to come and egg you in where you’re laying down your gauntlet man.

    • Mat Gallaugher
    • April 20, 2017

    Good stuff Fred. I envy your ability to talk so well off the cuff like that. And doing it live! I’ve done lots of sales presentations, tour-guiding etc, and done them fairly well, but I have always had to base them on a script, or at least rehearse an outline.
    I’m not ready to start live, but intend to try something with Camtasia which – like so much else! – has been sitting unused on my hard drive. It’ll be crap, but it will be a start. Your progress is an inspiration, so thanks for that.
    First of all, I need to do a major clear out of my flat so I am not tripping over stuff all the time. My carpets are the cleanest in the neighbourhood because they are so well protected by all my rubbish! It’s not easy you know, when you work long hours and don’t have a wife to do all the chores. You youngsters have it made – Many happy returns, by the way.
    Fortunately, at least I have a self-cleaning kitchen. Yes, there are a few crumbs about the place, but I find they eventually start wriggling and then just fly away!
    I’m going to have a look at your website tomorrow.

    1. Reply

      For starters, THANK YOU so much for coming and for commenting Mat. I can’t speak for others but I can tell you I get excited like a kid at Christmas when I get a comment that isn’t spam lol. I’m going to stick my neck out and tell you I’m betting you will Kill It when you start to wing it and a hell of a lot quicker than you think. When I look back on my progress over the last 14 days knowing how scared shitless I was… I’m willing to say everybody can blow their own minds with what they can accomplish with this webcam thing once they make that leap of faith and jump in the water. So here’s the deal… you decide the when and where you will pull the trigger on doing these and tell me about it, I promise you I’ll be there with bells on egging you on! Fair enough? Thanks again I appreciate you commenting big time.

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