Day 11 - Review and Introducing Two Great GRAPHICS Guys-640

Day 11 is about 90 Minute Product Creation and Two Top Graphics Guys

When I Created this Video I felt on Top of the World

I talked about a product that a friend of mine created called “90 Minute Product Creation” which is awesome plus I was excited over being able to introduce you to not one but two fantastic graphics guys.

After that video was recorded I got the news that one on my marketer brothers, a brand new daddy, lost his daughter and all those dad plans that he had is gone…

It would be convenient if I could be the guy who can continue to work like before I knew what Chris was going through but I’m not. So I’m going to finish the post and take the rest of this day off and think about how unthinkable it is to be where he is.

I’ll be back tomorrow.


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