The agenda for next week

Day 10 of my 30 Day Challenge is about Next Week’s Treats… so Stay Tuned!

I’m Wrecked Today but Stoked About Next Week!

I started out this journey of getting over my fear of the camera thinking what on earth will I talk about and who’ll spend time looking at it. Today’s video is just about what I’m going to talk about next week and I have some fans so I guess I was worried about nothing after all.

Good Graphics is Everything for Internet Marketers!

I have not one but two kick ass graphics guys who are so good at what they do plus they’re both good guys so if you’re a marketer you should want to know these guys and am going to do a post this week on them so watch for that

OR if you want to connect with them sooner join my Inner Circle Group there in there now.

Product Creation is One Thing but in 90 Minutes?

Well I probably know what you’re thinking because it’s probably like I was thinking when I heard that but I bought this training myself and I was wrong so next week I’m doing an over the shoulder video review

If you want to check this out at the low price before I do my review go to 90 Minute Product Creation this is my affiliate link so you know.

Here’s my review of SOCIETY 11

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    Hi Fred,
    Good tip about the graphics guys and what shirt to wear when testing out your monitor 😉
    I never even thought about testing mine, to be honest, but you got me thinking.

    I would have tweeted this but unfortunately, it had 66 characters too many. So If you would like some twitter love tip is to have your title of the video and the full URL of said link to your post stated in up to 140 characters…a bit of a bummer but worth considering?

    That’s the only downside to twitter I guess but I have no idea what impact it has on your views or actual eyeballs coming to your site? I think you may have the technology to give you that info I don’t really know.
    Not got the Richie Nolan product in 90 minutes as yet because I’m going to wait for your review and see if it really needs to join another load of how to put a product together stuff on my hard drive.
    Keep up the good work Fred and the way you are going I think you could maybe slow down a little and still get shit done without having to be up until all hours of the night. Somedays my wife has to tell me what day it is too…
    Looking forward to tomorrows video,
    Stay focused
    Rick Ellwood

    1. Reply

      Hey Rick it’s getting really fun and busy. The work is paying off too because of the amount of people who are coming back to the site that makes me happy and when I thought I’d run out of things to talk about I actually get floods of ideas. I love that you’re here… thank you for that and the commenting… these make my day dude! 🙂

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