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CRUSH Your FEAR of Appearing in Video in 30 Days (Day #2) of a 30-Day Challenge

Today is April 8th and Day #2 of My 30-Day Challenge

Like I told you yesterday this challenge thing was my way of dealing with an irrational fear of appearing in front of a webcam and if it kills me I’m going to stick to it.

because of the huge admiration that I felt for my friends who were doing it. I personally like to see Video on a web page because I can get a feel for the presenter unlike landing on a page without one.

TWO MINUTES was the Goal but I blew way past that!

It’s funny how long two minutes in when you’re scared shitless in what you’re doing and how fast it rips when the fear goes away. I don’t want to screw this thing up by yapping two long on these videos so I’m going to talk about one thing per day and that’s it.

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    Hey Fred,
    I just realized that if I’m watching you do this journey, I’m going to be entertained for at least an hour and then throughout my normal day your video will replay in my head and have me either in belly laughter chuckles or taking the advice further into my mindset. So think again, you get to do an hours worth of video minimum over the 30 days and we get to repeat those in our head for a lot longer if we choose to remember them or not ;-).
    Thanks again, stay focused,
    Rick Ellwood

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