Day 1

CRUSH Your FEAR of Appearing in Video in 30 Days (Day #1) of a 30-Day Challenge

April 7th is the Official Kickoff of My 30-Day Challenge

I finally decided to deal with my fear of appearing in front of a webcam because of the huge admiration that I felt for my friends who were doing it. I personally like to see Video on a web page because I can get a feel for the presenter unlike landing on a page without one.

TWO MINUTES (approximately) and I’m Outta Here!

So here’s the plan… right now I’m probably going to be doing a bunch of stumbles and um and I might even run out of stuff to talk about but I’m going to go for 2 minutes straight from start to finish if it kills me.

The idea for going 2 minutes in my videos came from an article that I read over at Wistia – How Long Should Your Next Video Be? by Ezra Fishman (which I recommend you read) and while there was a lot of awesome info in that article the bits I locked on to was…

  1. “Videos up to 2 minutes long get tons of engagement”
  2. “There is significant drop-off between 2 and 3 minutes”

Whoever lasts to the end end of this is getting a gift from me for sticking it out. However, just so you know, by the time I get to day thirty I’ll be looking to get paid by anybody who shows up for that one… just saying.

Here’s You Gift For Sitting Through This!

I know how much stuff you probably have going on in your world so I thank you for taking the time to check out what I’m doing. To show my appreciation for that I’m gonna give you one of my best lead magnets called  “100 Split Tests”

The Resources I Mentioned…

Society 11: this is my actual Review site for Society 11

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  1. Reply

    Hi Fred,
    I know I made my first comment on a later post blog, but I am going to watch all your videos in your challenge until I catch up to your current one and until you finish this challenge and to beyond!
    This was a great first video post though, cheers and remember…
    Stay focused 😉
    Rick Ellwood
    S11 member

    1. Reply

      Hey Rick thank you for being here and sharing your encouragement it means the world to me. I think I’m getting a feel for what some of my mentors must feel like after they have made a name for themselves and who have people who like them for whatever it is that they do. That’s gotta be the best! Anyway thanks again, and I want you to know I appreciate you.

    • Mat Gallaugher
    • July 2, 2017

    Fred, as you know, I’ve seen some of your later videos. This is the first time I have come to look at how you started. And it is so depressing … you are so good already! There is absolutely no sign of nervousness at all. I couldn’t begin to be that good! Elsewhere I have mentioned how good you are at talking off the cuff, but I had assumed that, when you started, you would be umming and ahhing a lot. Not a bit of it. So depressing …. Well, I am going to console myself by grabbing that freebie you are offering. Thanks for that at least!

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