About Fred Ferguson

Welcome to My Journey… Version TWO Point ZERO


The short read is I’m a retired real estate consultant who turns 65 in April. I’ve been involved in selling stuff since I was a 5-year-old carrot topped kid (that’s me sitting in front of the gas pump) growing up in my family business which was a gas station.

We had a big dirt circle driveway and though I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast I remember the day this picture was taken like it was yesterday.

In the 50s… the kids whose families had farms or in businesses worked like the parents did. There weren’t any Nintendo type things to do back in the day. We had radio and TV but it was black & white with only 3 or 4 channels to watch provided the antenna was turned just right.

If I wasn’t out pumping gas, cleaning windshields (when I was tall enough) checking or changing oil, putting air in tires or fixing them… I was doing other kinds of small repairs to cars for people or cleaning up around the shop.

Less than a year ago, I retired from my last regular selling job which was real estate to move to my dream location Vancouver Island to take on a new career as a software developer and online marketer which I have to tell you is easier said than done.