Be Just Who You Are640

Be WHO You Are Even If It’s An ASSHOLE!

Some Days it All Sweet Cherries and Some days the Pitts!

The text part of this is going to go quick because i’m a two finger typer, I don’t have voice recognition software to type my posts up for me, and I have no intention… now or in the future to learn how to type with all my fingers.

The video covers everything I wanted to say so all I intend to do with the text portion is to reiterate the point which was to “Be WHO You Are Even If It’s An ASSHOLE!” and to drop the links in of the places I talked about in my video.

So I think I have covered off all I wanted to do here so now I want to thank you for coming and watching my video and if you’s like me to let you know when I post or would like to be a beta tester or would just like to connect use my links here or my contact page and I’ll make it so.

here’s my review of SOCIETY 11

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    Hi Fred,
    I’ve just shared your post on my G+ and FB oh and twitter ;-), I love what you have accomplished in the last three months. As you may remember we first kinda met in the IMPub probably a year ago or more I can’t remember, sound familiar?

    I listened intently to your views and comments when you eventually got on camera and I immediately could relate to your IM stories and feedback you gave the group.

    At the time I will be honest and thought to myself ” I’ve been online trying and buying IM products for the last 8 years + and I don’t want to be like Fred in another 12 years when I’ll be 65 and still spinning my wheels”!

    I think I may have even made that comparison on one of those boozy Friday nights? How embarrassingly stupid was I?

    Fast forward to today and we are FB friends and we have had a number of laughs and fun times through that media in S11 and other groups as well as our own accounts that prove we are on a similar wavelength not only in IM but in humor too.

    Having been invited via FB to your private inner circle and having watched you go from spinning your wheels and then watching this post….I want to shout out that I WANT to be like Fred Ferguson!!

    Fred, today I want you to know that YOU are my North Star! I take back anything that I have said either out loud or in my head (sometimes I don’t know the difference) and I will be following your journey, taking notes and advice and enjoying your humor along the way.

    Thanks again and stay focused,
    Rick Ellwood S11 member

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      Rick, you cannot possible know how good what you’ve written here feels to me. It’s hard for me to receive this stuff but it’s precisely that kindness what drives me to crush the fears and stop the constantly getting ready to get ready cycle that I was stuck in.

      As you’ve said you were there, you saw where I started from, and you know if it hadn’t been for Andy to be my true North – my North star – it’s unlikely there would be anything different going on in my life today then what was going on at that time.

      My goal today and for the rest of my time here is to do all I can to repay Andy for what he has shared so freely with me, flourish from the influence that he’s had on my life, and share all that good shit with anybody else who wants it like I did.

      I’m stoked that you are my friend and excited were we are “both” going to end up on out marketing journey shortly.

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        Thank you for that Fred, I’ve caught up today with all of your challenge day videos and the great interview with Andy.
        I’m on my first of three Easter days off from my day job and Richie Nolan has given me some stuff to do so I’ll keep looking in on a daily basis buddy as you are now my guy to follow, my Nort Star and your current success has given me the inspiration and belief that it can happen if you just follow through with the work required. Have a great Easter weekend and see you in S1 and inside your fantastic private group..cheers Fred,

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          Thanks for your kind words Rick every day I am enjoying this more and more. It’s true what they say about finding your voice and direction as you plod along. After the IM Pub and had taken notes and I have already got Day #9 vlog content in my head. In fact I came a away with probably several days of content one at a time. I really appreciate you and when the dust settles on your end I’d like to do a Skype call with you to have a visit. Anyway just the best is what I’m wishing for you for the weekend.

          1. Didn’t realise that you replied again to my last post on the 14th Fred sorry, I saw it on your Day 9 Video when you kindly included this post as an example of you gathering your audience and again thanks for that. Yes when the dust does eventually settle I’d love to get on Skype and do a call. At the moment I’m suffering with Dust Blindness but I know its settling day by day.

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