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Another NEW Facebook Buy & Sell Group with PLANS for MORE in the Works

In November 2017 I had absolutely ZERO intention of starting any new Facebook groups… in fact I was toying with TRASHING the ONE group I had.

That was before I heard of David Fearon … or Instant Social Profits but after I did know about them life for me would NEVER be the same again.

In fact my whole 2018 year and beyond is spoken for now.

The groups in yellow are some of my work over the last 6 weeks or so and I have numerous other difgital assets that I’ve created for these.

I wanted you to know this so you’ll understand why I am behind in what I had planned for this group. I will be bringing you all up to speed in a live in the next day or so.

Till then, get started working on something that’ll make you happy you did and ignoring ALL that bullshit launching daily that’ll just give you something more to regret.

If you’d like to know more about Facebook Buy & Sells Groups and LEARN how to build them check out our closed mastermind LeapFrog Local Buy&Sell Group Mastery and find out maybe the best kept secret for 2017.

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