I’m Fred Ferguson, a retired Calgary Alberta Realtor, who now lives on Vancouver Island BC in Canada, Now that I can do whatever I want I decided to create this website to help you get what you want out of life, as quick and pain free as possible.

I plan to gather the best tips, tricks, & strategies that I can find from the experts to inspire you. There’s no untested theories here from an online pretender who says they have your best interest at heart but don’t.

It’s a Step Process…

I’m OLD now, almost 70… and I’ve learned whatever you want to accomplish in life, your chances skyrocket for getting it if you get your head right about it. There’s too much crap out there written about unattainable perfection, and people are getting sucked up in that nonsense before they even get started.


Your first step in anything you want to do is just that… a FIRST step. You do NOT have to be perfect at it because the reality is NOBODY else is either, and there are a lot of wonderfully flawed people out there making a LOT of money now, selling something that they were really bad at when they first got started.


I asked that because I got this wrong. When I heard anybody say “what do you want?” my instant response was to make money but the parts I was missing was

  1. WHAT do you want?
  2. WHERE are you going to do it?
  3. WHEN are you going to start to do it?
  4. HOW are you going to do it?
  5. WHY do you want to do it?

I’m not going to go into all this here, that’s what I built this website for.

I plan to curate the best of the best information available for you here to help you get your head right, so you can get whatever you want out of life, and for FREE!

So be sure to bookmark this place now then buckle up buttercup… we’re going on a wild ride. 😎✌️