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Fred is a one of kind...

”"Fred is a one of kind, straight talking, no nonsense, bullshit hating, tell it as it is guys with his own unique way of explaining things thanks to his 'Fred-isms' as we call them.

I love listening to Fred and you will too. So buckle up, shut up and learn from this no BS legend."

Andy Brocklehurst

Andy Brocklehurst

Fred is a rough, ready uncut...

“Fred is a rough, ready uncut, foul mouthed highly entertaining marketer. The beauty with Fred is he'll call a spade a spade...

He doesn't care who's products or opinions he rejects, how big or well known the guru if Fred smells BS you'll know about it...

for that reason Fred is my hero!

Chris Hitman

Chris Hitman

Fred's one of the funny guys online...

Kevin Fahey

Kevin Fahey

Fred is straight forward and honest...

“Fred has been in this space for a long time. He's straight forward and honest. He will tell it like it is, no b.s.

Could I see some people hating him? Absolutely. Between the profanity and his willingness to give some "tough love" from time to time, it will turn some people off.

For me, I appreciate his candor, willingness to help, and tell the truth (even if it's something people may not want to hear).

Mark Hess

Mark Hess

Well what can I say…. Fred is like a turtle!

“Well what can I say…. Fred is like a turtle! He’s hard on the outside with a no nonsense, straight talking attitude! (a talking turtle)

He say’s what he thinks and he’s willing to stick his neck out when he needs to…especially when he smells bullshit!

But on the inside, he’s a soft warm-hearted guy who genuinely wants to help people reach their goals and achieve success online whilst making them laugh and not take life too seriously.

You’ll have fun and learn A LOT from Fred so strap in and enjoy the ride!

Mark Laxton

Mark Laxton

Fred stands out to me...

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky

Fred Ferguson is a genuine ethical guy...

“Fred Ferguson is a genuine ethical guy, who speaks straight and will not tolerate bs. I've known Fred for a couple of years and have been impressed by his insights and his marketing knowledge. 

Fred can open your eyes to opportunities that you maybe haven't considered. If you are learning marketing then he will point you in the right direction.

Rob Maggs - Software Developer


Rob Maggs

Fred is a total upfront and no hypey, no BS kind of guy...

“I have known Fred now for over a year and in that time that I have gotten to know him, he has shown himself to be total upfront and no hypey, no BS kind of guy.

Fred tells it like it is and therefore can be trusted which is refreshing in an industry full of scam artists.

On top of that he has a great sense of humor too so its always a pleasure talking to him!

Donal Erdpohl

Donal Erdpohl

Fred’s straight and he’s honest and he’s down to earth...

Eugene McGrath


Eugene McGrath

Fred is truly, a "Zero Bullshit" guy...

“In my dealings with Fred Ferguson, I've always come away from them with either a great idea or a marketing recommendation that will make me money.

In the two years that I've known Fred, I can attest that he is truly, a "Zero Bullshit" guy

John Walsh


I have more of these inside...

John Walsh

Fred is one of my favorite people online...

Fred is one of my favorite people online!

I've watched him go from a newbie who was constantly blinded by shiny objects to a marketer who has focused and taken action... and gotten positive results. He's definitely a guy worth following.


Arun Chandran

About the Author

Hello, my name is Fred Ferguson. I'm a low profile online & offline marketer with an good reputation. I specialized in what's known as "Pattern Interrupt" Marketing as a realtor... and I got very good at it. I recently retired from real estate and launched my "insider secrets" blog called the "Online Anti-Preneur Marketing Blog" where I share with you what I've learned, the new things, and it's all the stuff that I wish I knew when I got started. It's FREE... you've got nothing to lose, so like Nike says... "Just Do It"

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