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If you use WordPress for your websites, you owe it to yourself to see this.

Do You Use “Page/Content Builders” in WordPress? Whenever I hear the word WordPress I think about the words Content Management System, or Themes or Plugins but for some reason I do not think of the word page builder which is crazy because I know that’s what WordPress is really. I guess page builder just seems like a thing […]

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Finally You Can Turn All The PLR You Have Back Into Money with PLReveo

PLR Is A Powerful Tool IF You Actually USE It! I’m stoked about this post because it’s about a solution to a problem I’ve had for a long time. In fact what I have here is a solution to a problem a whole lot of other people have as well which is a having hard drives […]

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WP SpyBlocker-640

Finally, a 1-click WordPress Plugin, that Blocks Theme Detection Tools From “Spying” on Your Sites!

Grab this now while it’s $7 before the price rises!  

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Are You USING Pattern Interrupt Marketing in Your Business-640

If You’re NOT USING Pattern Interrupt Marketing in Your Business, You’re Losing Big Money to Your Competitors Who Do!

I Got Obsessed with Pattern Interrupt Marketing! I was real estate agent in a market with over 5,000 other agents. To say it was a competitive market would be an understatement most of those competitors of mine claimed in their marketing to be #1 at something or other. If you cannot separate yourself from your competitors […]

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Do You Want to DOMINATE Your NICHE, Get People to Know, Like & Trust YOU, PLUS Establish Yourself as an Authority?

Use Your WEBCAM to DOMINATE Your NICHE! I was an idiot for all the years I spent as a Realtor! I spent a fortune on print and other types of advertising that for the most part was impossible to gauge if or how well it was working and the best marketing strategy of all I ignored […]

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